Rights & Responsibilities


You have the right:

  • To be treated with respect and recognition of your dignity and right to privacy.
  • To choose your own practitioner(s) from our list of behavioral health practitioners. If you are not satisfied with your initial choice, you have the right to choose another practitioner from our network.
  • To participate with your practitioner(s) in decision making and treatment planning to help take charge of your own health.
  • To get the information you need to make a thoughtful choice before you take any treatment your practitioner suggests. This includes information about the appropriateness or medical necessity of treatment options, regardless of cost or benefit coverage. CBA does not direct practitioners to restrict information regarding treatment options.
  • To learn about your condition and treatment in words you understand, and to be a part of decisions about your own care.
  • To share your opinions, concerns or complaints constructively.
  • To receive information about CBA, our services,  practitioners and member’s rights and responsibilities.
  • To complain or make appeals about CBA or the care you receive.
  • To make recommendations regarding CBA’s members’ rights and responsibilities.


You have the responsibility:

  • To treat all practitioners with respect and courtesy as your partners in good health.
  • To work with your practitioners to form a good relationship based on trust and teamwork.
  • To keep up your good health and prevent illness.
  • To ask questions and make sure you understand the information you receive.
  • To give CBA and your practitioners as much information as you can so they can use this information in providing the proper care.
  • To follow the plans and instructions for care that you and your practitioner have both agreed upon.
  • To think about what might happen if you don’t follow your practitioner’s treatment plan or suggestions.
  • To keep appointments you schedule. If you find you are running late, you have the responsibility to call the office and let it know.