What We Do

We administer behavioral health benefits for insurance plans. That means we're here to help you find a provider, connect you with health coaching, or simply help you understand behavioral health challenges.

Not sure if we're your plan administrator? Check the back of your insurance card to ensure you're a CBA member.

Find a Provider

When you work with a provider in our network, you save money. Search our network to find the psychiatrist, psychologist, psychiatric nurse, social worker or counselor who is right for you.

Get a Care Manager

Need support to achieve your goals? We have experts who can walk alongside you, particularly if you're struggling with the following chronic conditions:

Opioid Addiction Resources

We're here to support you in the midst of our nation's opioid epidemic. Take a look at the materials we've created to inform you, support you or assist you in helping a loved one. We breakdown opioid addiction prevention, intervention, recovery, treatment and more.