Moms Support Program

Having a baby can be one of the most exciting and rewarding events in your life. It can be very stressful, too. For many women, it’s a time of confusion, fear and uncertainty. Depression during and after pregnancy is a common problem. 

How Do I Know If I Am Depressed? 

Many new mothers will experience the baby blues. The baby blues are perfectly normal. However, you may have a more serious condition if you experience any of these symptoms:

  • Feel sad, anxious or overwhelmed 
  • Feel overwhelmed with normal tasks 
  • Feel angry, irritable or helpless 
  • Fear she might harm herself or her baby 
  • Fear being left alone 
  • Regret having a baby 
  • Have trouble sleeping 
  • Isolate yourself from friends and family 
  • Have difficulty concentrating 

What Should I do If I Have Symptoms of Depression? 

Depression can interfere with your ability to function, including your ability to care for yourself and your child. It is important to seek treatment as soon as possible if you are suffering from any of the symptoms. Don’t wait.

 Treatment Works

Treatment for depression works and help is available. Our care managers can offer you extra support while helping you get your life back to normal. 

We do this by: 

  • Providing guidance and support through scheduled phone calls. 
  • Identifying facilities and providers to best suit the mother’s needs. 
  • Setting short and long term goals throughout the process. 
  • Supplying family members with educational resources. 

You are not alone. With treatment and support, you can get back on the road to happy motherhood. 

No Cost to You! 

Our Mom Support Program is available to you for free, as part of your behavioral health care coverage. There are no hidden charges, fees or copayments. If you decide the program is not right for you, you can leave at any time.

Your Rights 

We will respect your wishes at all times. You have the right to: 

  • Receive information about why certain services were chosen for your care. 
  • Work as an active partner with your care manager by offering your input. 
  • Refuse treatment or services, including health coaching. 
  • Be notified and understand when you complete the program. 

Your Privacy 

We handle each case with sensitivity and confidentiality. In compliance with federal law, member information is kept strictly confidential. Participating in one of our health coaching programs will not affect your health benefits, now or in the future.

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