Companion Benefit Alternatives

Online Resource Library

You face events every day that impact you both personally and professionally. You might have child care or financial troubles. Or you might have legal, health or emotional concerns.

Our online Personal Advantage resource library helps you prepare for these challenges. The library contains resources like:

  • Assessments
  • Videos
  • Quizzes
  • Courses
  • Articles
  • Calculators

There are six modules:

  • Emotional Wellbeing
    Did you know that stress, anxiety and depression can affect your sleep and digestion? Mental issues are just as important as physical health issues for your overall wellbeing. The Emotional Wellbeing module covers all major mental health topics — from depression to grief.

  • Family Life
    Balancing work and family is a constant battle. Many of us have obligations at home that keep us from performing our best at work. The Family Life module gives you tools and information to strike the right balance.

  • Financial
    We all want financial stability, but it’s difficult. Our Financial module can help you with buying a home, planning for retirement or paying your taxes. You’ll find calculators, forms and other information to help you become financially stable.

  • Health
    You may be concerned about a particular disease or condition. Or you may be looking for a new fitness routine or healthy recipe. Our Health module has tools and information to help you.

  • Legal
    Legal troubles affect every aspect of your work and home life. Whether you’re battling a traffic ticket or going through a divorce, you need the right legal help to alleviate the stress. Our Legal module has many state tax forms and living will forms. You can even use an interactive will tool.

  • Personal Growth
    We all want to improve our personal or professional skills. Skills like communication, time management and leadership. Our Personal Growth module has videos, courses and articles to help you improve these skills.

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